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PhoneWave LED

PhoneWave LED

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Customizable RGB Lighting

Enjoy a vibrant and colorful lighting experience with our WiFi LED neon light strip. Choose from millions of colors and multiple lighting modes to suit any mood or occasion. 

Smart WiFi Control

Seamlessly control your neon light strip through your smartphone via a dedicated app. Easily adjust brightness, colors, and modes from anywhere, or sync the lights with your favorite music for a dynamic lighting effect. 

Flexible and Durable Design

Crafted with high-quality materials this neon light strip is both flexible and durable, allowing you to bend and shape it to fit any space or design. Perfect for home decor, gaming setups, parties, and more. 

Easy Installation

Set up your neon light strip in minutes with the included adhesive backing and mounting clips. Simply peel and stick to any clean, dry surface, and plug into any USB power source for instant illumination. 

Energy Efficient and Safe

Operating at 5V, this LED strip is energy-efficient and safe to use. It remains cool to the touch and has a long lifespan, making it a reliable and eco-friendly lighting solution for your home.

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