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PhoneWave LED

PhoneWave LED

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Vibrant RGB Lighting

Elevate your room's ambiance with our USB LED Strip Light featuring 5050 RGB LED technology. Experience a spectrum of vibrant colors that can be customized to suit any mood or occasion. Illuminate your space with stunning visual effects, transforming ordinary environments into dynamic and lively settings.

Convenient USB Power

Enjoy the flexibility of USB power, allowing you to easily connect the LED strip to various devices such as your TV, computer, or USB wall adapter. The 5V power supply ensures energy efficiency while offering a hassle-free setup. Say goodbye to complex installations and welcome the simplicity of USB-powered LED lighting.

Bluetooth and APP Control

Take control of your lighting experience with Bluetooth connectivity and the dedicated phone app. Adjust colors, brightness, and lighting modes effortlessly from the palm of your hand. Whether you want a relaxing atmosphere or an energetic vibe, the user-friendly app provides seamless control, allowing you to tailor the lighting to your preferences.

Flexible and Adaptable Design

The flexible ribbon diode tape allows for easy installation on various surfaces, making it ideal for TV backlights, room decorations, or any creative lighting project. Bend and shape the LED strip to fit corners, edges, or contours, providing versatility in how you choose to illuminate your space.

Perfect for TV Backlights and Room Decor

Enhance your viewing experience with TV backlights that reduce eye strain and add a cinematic touch to your entertainment area. Use the LED strip to accentuate architectural features, create a cozy atmosphere, or add a pop of color to your room. This USB LED Strip Light is the perfect solution for both functional and decorative lighting in any space.

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